In the dynamic realm of software development, there is a constant tussle between rapid delivery and product quality. Our team, however, stands as a beacon, showcasing that with the right strategies and skills, speed does not have to come at the cost of quality. We take immense pride in accelerating development efforts without skimping on quality, and our journey holds lessons for teams everywhere.

A pivotal reason behind our success lies in the collective expertise of our team members. We have been handpicked not just for our proficiency in coding but for our deep-rooted understanding of overarching business goals, the nuanced needs of our users, and the imperativeness of rigorous testing. This ensures that we are not simply coding away in isolation but crafting functionalities that resonate with our users and business objectives. Our dedication to staying updated and embracing the latest best practices in the software realm ensures we are always a step ahead, enabling us to deliver swiftly without compromising quality.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence has also led us to integrate cutting-edge tools and methodologies into our daily operations. We have incorporated automated testing suites, continuous integration, and deployment pipelines that flag potential issues early on and streamline our release processes.
We champion regular code reviews and often indulge in pair programming sessions, providing us with platforms to constructively challenge and improve one another's work. This culture fuels our development speed and ensures that what we produce is nothing short of the best in terms of quality.

Thus, we currently have quite a fast roadmap ahead of us, leading to constant releases improving not just the feature set but the overall performance and user experience of the whole system.

Below are our envisioned Release C’s and milestones with high-level detail of functionality provided.

RC1 - Road to Ray

Our initial testing release boosting all the core functionality needed to test and showcase the concept to the wider technical audience.

  • Boosts core functionality on the Client side:
    • Setting up and deploying the Cluster
    • Deploying the required job on the Cluster
    • Viewing details of its performance
    • Accepting and Downloading the result
  • Together with Supplier basic functionalities:
    • Setting up the machine worker within the Portal
    • Connecting the machine worker on the Supplier Machine with the Portal instance
    • As well as all needed middle layer orchestration to achieve this

RC2 - Road to BreakPoint

Second functional release, enhancing the capabilities of the Portal itself together with a more robust middle layer architecture.

  • Improving Portal both for Clients and Suppliers, detail user detail management, more views and options on the units provided/consumed
  • Adding payment and payout options through Solana payment gateway
  • Introducing the Explorer concept for whole Ecosystem monitoring

RC3 - Sunny Road Recap

As both previous releases will be heavily showcased to the public and rigorously tested by selected partners, we will use the valuable collected feedback to improve the overall ecosystem functionalities in this release.

Those might include:

  • Adding specific support for selected jobs outside of the initial selection
  • Better parametrization of machine miner on end systems
  • Improved threading through the orchestration layer
  • Overall Portal updates
  • At the end of this RC3, we will invite selected partners and a limited community to access the full platform and test its capabilities.

RC4 - Alphas Only

A short RC update with live feedback from limited access partners and community focused on improving on the fly the most painful feedback received from first customers and overall ecosystem stability.

  • Expansion of the available machine miners builds for various use cases and with Data Centers' standard images in mind.
  • Expanding the Explorer concept and its functionalities for better ecosystem network management
  • Heavy load balancing testing and workload optimization routines setup
  • Rolling out customer support features

At the end of RC4, we will start the referral and invite functionality in the platform so the existing proven Client/Supplier base can invite more users for full workload testing.

RC5 - Beta Rolling Stone

With limited invites constantly bringing fresh users on both sides of Suppliers/Clients, we will be constantly trying to tweak the platform's mechanisms, hotfix where needed and work on a balanced marketplace experience (so we support our growth targets and initiatives).

  • Introducing and optimizing more supported types of distributed computing power
    • Their categorization in the Portal
    • Routines for their orchestration and optimum deployment
    • New machine miners update if needed
  • Introducing in-app advisor engines and auto-correction options

V1.0 - Full Release

Moving to standard release architecture with constant updates and customer-influenced roadmaps (voted/demoted features) together with R&D initiatives brought forth by our ability to grow into the largest computing power provider in the world.

  • Working on decentralization of our own Ecosystem, making it itself self-hosted and self-replicated

Expected timeline for our RC's candidates bellow: