IO Worker

The purpose of the IO Worker is to provide users with a comprehensive and user-friendly interface for managing their GPU node operations effectively through an intuitive webapp. The scope of the product includes features related to user account management, monitoring of computing activities, real-time data display, temperature and power consumption tracking, installation assistance, wallet management, security measures, and profitability calculation.

Origin of Product:

The product originated from an increasing demand and popularity of AI model computations. As more individuals and businesses engage in AI processing activities, those activities becoming more and more expensive. There is a need for a robust and efficient platform to streamline and optimize the AI learning process.

On the other side, there is a huge unused computing power in the world in the form of decentralized GPUs at various sources. The Workers app was developed to meet this demand and provide users and businesses with such unused demand with a convenient and secure solution for managing their operations and earnings on their hardware in an efficient manner that provides actual services for the AI landscape.

App Walkthrough

Worker Homepage:

Offers users real-time insights into their computing, providing operations and a bird's eye view of their devices connected to the network, allowing them to monitor them and perform quick actions such as Delete and Rename devices.

Users can click on a device and access the following page(Device Details)

Device Details Page:

Users access the monitoring section, which displays an overview plus a detailed view of the selected device. The platform fetches and presents real-time data on traffic transmitted, Connectivity status, Connected Services and the uptime bar.

Users can track all previous jobs the device performs and all its notifications history.

Earnings & Rewards Page:

Enable users to manage their payout account associated with their operation and track the history of their jobs and earnings with the ability to check every transaction on SOLSCAN (later on with additional payout options).

Add New Device Page:

Allows users to connect their devices with unmatched simplicity comprising of only a few steps as later on explained in the section of Installation of the actual miner (at this moment for Ubuntu and Windows).

IO Worker Development Principles

We recognize the pivotal role IO Worker and Suppliers are providing required computing power play in our ecosystem. As such, our IO Worker portal is meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of our suppliers, emphasizing real-time updates, stringent security, streamlined operations, and user-friendly interfaces.

I. Full Financial Control

Real-time Earnings Overview. We are staunch advocates for complete financial transparency. Through our portal, suppliers gain real-time access to their earnings and financial metrics. Leveraging the capabilities of ReactJS and a Fast API backend layer, we guarantee that the financial data displayed remains current, empowering suppliers to make decisions grounded in the latest figures. No more delays or uncertainties – you witness your earnings in real time. Our Billing/Usage Monitoring layer ensures meticulous oversight.

II. Ease of Management

Simplified GPU Integration. Time is of the essence, and we recognize its value. That's precisely why we've simplified the GPU addition process on our platform. Suppliers are spared the hassle of navigating intricate setups or configurations. Add your GPU, and our system seamlessly integrates the rest with our advanced tech stack. This approach allows suppliers to concentrate on their core competencies while we manage the technical orchestration.

We employ state-of-the-art orchestration tools, including Kubernetes, Prefect, and Apache Airflow, to ensure a swift and reliable deployment process.

III. Efficient Resource Use

Optimized GPU Utilization. In the GPU supply landscape, unutilized resources represent lost potential. Our platform is meticulously crafted to optimize the use of GPUs supplied by our partners. Through smart task allocation and workload management, facilitated by our Fault Monitoring/Reporting/Analytics layers, we ensure GPUs are neither overwhelmed nor underutilized. This strategy enhances profitability and guarantees a consistent revenue flow for our suppliers.

IV. Real-time Monitoring

Stay Informed. Miners have the capability to monitor their GPU usage in real time on our platform, ensuring unparalleled transparency and clarity. Our platform offers a holistic view, from intricate GPU performance metrics to detailed earnings breakdowns. This comprehensive overview empowers miners to closely track their returns and guarantees that their hardware is utilized to its fullest potential. To further enhance this, our Analytics Layer provides deeper insights and trends.

V. Security & Stability

Protected Assets. The GPUs that miners rent out are invaluable assets. Recognizing this, our platform is reinforced with stringent security protocols to safeguard the hardware and the associated earnings. Stability is a cornerstone of our service. We are committed to ensuring that the GPU renting process remains seamless, marked by consistent uptime and unwavering performance. Our Fault Monitoring Layer actively oversees and ensures system health to bolster this commitment.

What’s Next