Installing on Ubuntu

A step by step process for setting up the environment for on Ubuntu based machines.

Refer to to add device

Step by step walkthrough for connecting a new device.

1. From Dropdown Navigate to WORKER

From the Dropdown

2. Connect New Device

Click on "Connect New Device"

Connect New Device

3. Supplier

Choose the supplier you wish your hardware be grouped on


4. Name your device

Add a unique name for your device, Ideal format would be similar to the following: My-Test-Device

Name your device

5. Choose Operating System “OS”

Click on the "Linux" field

Choose Operating System “OS”

6. Device Type

If you choose GPU Worker and your device doesn't have GPU the setup will fail

Device Type

7. Download Script File

Download script file to install drivers and Follow the steps

 Download Script File

8. Run Docker Command

Run this command in terminal and make sure docker desktop is running on the background

Run Docker Command

9. Wait for Connection

Keep hitting refresh while you wait for your new device to connect.

 Wait for Connection

System Requirements

  1. Ubuntu 20.04< Exactly this version
    1. " without any docker pre-installed [ snap docker ]"
  2. +16 GB of RAM.
  3. +500 GB Free Disk Space
  4. Internet Speed Download +1 GBs and +500 Mbps Upload with < 30ms ping.
    1. Test your internet from here:
  5. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30xx and RTX40xx series or better


The probability of your Device to be hired and your rewards are multiplied by each 1GBs you invest in your Download/Upload


Be aware that we are now installing a 20GB size container it contains all the packages needed for the ML apps, everything happens inside the container, nothing gets out from the container to your filesystem