Pricing and Core Mechanisms

Objective & Design Principles is a global AI Compute Network connecting powerful GPUs from across the globe and teams deploying AI and machine learning workloads. This results in an ecosystem where general-purpose compute resources are commoditised, opening up a new frontier of AI and ML deployment.

Native assets are needed to align network incentives. They will be used for the following:

  1. Distribute incentives to IO Workers (GPU providers) proportionate to their availability and performance. Ensure that node operators receive compensation for their work in the denomination of their choice (dollars, tokens, or some combination of both).
  2. Reward AI Engineers (AI and ML workload deployment teams) with token-denominated loyalty points for their continuous use of the network.
  3. Gamification mechanics on both the demand and supply side, ensuring balanced growth of the network.
  4. Prices the IO Worker device as a commodity tethered to units of compute utilized and establishes a clear decentralized pricing for a device based on its hardware and network performance via a decentralized and transparent pricing oracle.
  5. Governance token for the network. Stakers will have the opportunity to influence the future of the network by voting on key decisions. This could include matters such as network fee structures, and the introduction of new features or services, ensuring a truly decentralized and democratic governance of our network.
  6. A steady emissions schedule to ensure continued growth

We're also considering some intriguing mechanisms to improve the function of our network. For instance, we might allow IO Workers to boost their chances of being hired by staking native assets. In this scenario, the more assets they stake, the greater their chances of selection could be. Additionally, AI Engineers who stake native assets could get priority access to high-demand GPUs. Keep in mind, these are just possibilities we're exploring to make our network more efficient and beneficial for all users.

And as our network expands and evolves, we look forward to add additional token utilities and expand its use cases.

What’s Next